‘Stretching the Truth’ The Truth About Workforce Stretching

This archived webinar originally aired September 20th, 2017.

A webinar for Ergonomics Professionals who field both the praise and criticism association with Workforce Stretch & Flex Programs. We’ll provide the background, resources and experience to help you navigate this hotly contested topic with an up-to-date perspective, a discerning clarity and a sharpened focus.

The current trend toward Workforce Stretch & Flex Programs is not so new. Characterized as unnecessary, irrelevant and even harmful by at least one commercial ergonomics vendor, there’s a more time-honored side to consider. Some critics have even gone so far to misrepresent research to build their paper-thin case that’s flimsy, at best.

We’ll address the true conclusions of that misrepresented research, how it is actually being appropriately applied to benefit employers and their workforce, and the promising published data about the future of Workforce Stretch & Flex. Lastly, we’ll take a historical look at practices and truths we hold to be self-evident, and why it is important to confront spurious challenges when they arise in the marketplace of ideas.

This webinar will be beneficial to:

  • EHS professionals who work in office and industrial ergonomics, such as CSP’s, Ergonomists, Safety Committee Members, Industrial Hygienists, Industrial Engineers, Safety Engineers and appropriate EHS student populations.
  • Healthcare practitioners who work in office and industrial ergonomics and are called on to address workplace injury situations, such as PT’s, OT’s, LPTA’s, COTA’s, CHT’s, RN’s, ATC’s, NP’s, DC’s, MD’s, PA’s, and appropriate healthcare student populations.
  • HR professionals who work in office and industrial ergonomics who address common situations posed by Workforce Stretch & Flex Programs, including SPHR’s, PHR’s, Claims Managers, HR Managers, Wellness Coordinators, MPH and CHES designees and appropriate HR student populations.

EHS, healthcare and HR attendees of this webinar will better understand and appreciate:

  1. The observed benefits of Stretch & Flex Programs including costs, communication, engagement and supervision.
  2. The claimed detriments of Stretch & Flex Programs including workforce performance, injury and productivity.
  3. The history and universality of Stretch & Flex Programs including professional athletic applications, collegiate athletic applications, Armed Forces applications and ancestral applications including yoga and the martial arts.

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Our presenter is Matt Jeffs DPT PSM CEAS -

Dr. Jeffs is a safety management advisor for national and international firms, and a seasoned ergonomics educator here at The Back School. Years ago, he excelled as a big-wave surfer and seasoned ocean lifeguard with numerous documented rescues prior to earning both his undergraduate and doctorate degrees in physical therapy. He now serves as a Tai Chi Fitness Instructor in multiple settings, including the modern workplace.   

Dr. Jeffs will apply his unique, long-term perspective to this undeservedly contentious trend, offering insight on how to make it work for the most people possible. We hope you will join us for this interesting and engaging topic. If you’re working in a setting with - or contemplating starting – a Workforce Stretch & Flex Program, you won’t want to miss it.

Matt Jeffs, PT, DPT, CEAS II

Matt Jeffs, PT, DPT, CEAS II

Matt Jeffs, DPT, CHC, CEAS is an onsite preventive care specialist and a certified rehab ergonomist. He holds two professional clinical degrees in physical therapy (Bachelors of Health Science in Physical Therapy, from the University of Florida in Gainesville, FL and his Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Chatham University in Pittsburgh, PA) and is licensed in Florida and North Carolina.

Dr. Jeffs has over 25 years of clinical and management experience and has directly overseen the successful rehabilitation of over 20,000 individuals in the clinical setting. As a Lean Practitioner equipped with over 12,000 hours of direct onsite experience serving clients in corporate and industrial settings, he applies continuous improvement methodology to all onsite projects and processes.

Dr. Jeffs holds a leadership role in the First Coast Manufacturers Association as its Workforce Education Director and Consultant to FCMA’s Board of Directors. FCMA is an industrial trade group consortium of some 300 manufacturers and companies in North Florida.

As an onsite consultant, he has led workforce education initiatives, ergonomic analyses, job demand analyses, defined job demand descriptions, legally-defensible job demand capacity evaluations, pre-work and fit-for-work screenings, transitional return-to-work strategies, early intervention onsite first-aid, onsite rehabilitation, and communications in public speaking, audio and video formats.

As a successful clinical business owner, Dr. Jeffs led an award-winning outpatient center where he directed strategic planning, resource allocation, production methods and information audit analyses.

He combines seasoned skills in public speaking, broadcasting and leadership with award-winning clinical excellence in sports, orthopedics and industrial medicine. This skill-set allows him to provide successful, verifiable work-injury reduction and cost containment strategies to corporate clientele.

Corporate leaders and academic colleagues seek out Dr. Jeffs for sound advisement and reliable solutions to the evolving patterns of a fluid, dynamic workplace. He is regularly sought to address colleges, universities, professional associations, trade groups and executive summits to convey his philosophy and applications for successful work-injury prevention, cost-containment and workforce optimization.