Onsite Consulting

Ergonomics Consulting

The Back School has been providing OSHA-compliant ergonomics consulting services to employers for over 35 years.

Because each organization and its processes, procedures and needs vary greatly, each consulting engagement is customized to that organization.

Whether the issue at hand is a high injury rate and costly workers' comp premiums, increased risk of injury due to job requirements, or lack of employee productivity due to discomfort, fatigue or absenses from work,  we will assess the environment and risk factors, and develop a focused, actionable custom solution resulting in a sustainable return on investment year after year: decreased injury/lower workers' comp costs; reduced injury risk; higher employee morale, productivity and job satisfaction.

Our customized programs are implemented onsite by The Back School and include direct interaction with the employer’s workforce.

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Ron Porter, Director of The Back School, is one of 5 individuals to receive the prestigious American Society of Safety Engineers President's Award in 2016. This honor is presented by the ASSE President in recognition of special service to the Society.

We have worked with over 500 companies, from small to Fortune 100, comprising a diversified range of industries (including government agencies, the military and insurance companies) in industrial/manufacturing, healthcare and office environments.

To learn more about our customized Ergonomics Consulting programs, contact us!

Our clients include:




US Foods

Kimberly Clark Corporation

American Association of Health Nurses

P.P.G. Industries

Kaiser Health Care Systems

 American Society of Safety Engineers

E. I. DuPont

Georgia Pacific Corporation

Peachtree Window & Door Corporation

Shell Oil Company

Georgia School Board Association

Pulp & Paper Association

DS Waters

Gateway Health Systems

Healthcare Innovations of Virginia

U. S. Navy

Healthfield Corporation

Merck Pharmaceuticals Corporation


Southwire Corporation

Stanley Flagg Steel Corporation

BellSouth Mobility

Colorado Safety Council

McKee Foods Corporation (Little  Debbie)

Cingular Wireless

Nebraska Safety Council

Graham Packaging Company

Argosy Health

Tennessee Safety Council

All American Gourmet

Frito-Lay Corporation

Texas Safety Association

Mead Paper Corporation

Plantation Pipeline

Atlanta Metropolitan College

Standard Telephone

Austell Box Board

Fort Worth Dept. of Transportation

International Safety Instruments

Caraustar Industries

Greenbay Packaging Corporation

TVA (Tennessee Valley Authority)

McNeary Insurance

Georgia Safety Council

Georgia Department of Revenue

St. Paul Insurance

New Hampshire Physical Therapy Assoc.

Southern Technological College

City of Atlanta

Ohio Physical Therapy Association

North Carolina Hospital Association

Egleston Hospital

New York Physical Therapy Association

Georgia Department of Labor

DeKalb County

North Carolina Physical Therapy Assoc.

Hayes Medical Center

Southeastern Safety & Health Conference