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CEAS® II: Expanded Ergonomics Assessment Skills Certification Workshop

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JUN 18-19, 2020 Atlanta, GA Register
OCT 23-24, 2020 Oakland, CA Register

CETS: Employment Testing and Job Site Analysis Certification Workshop

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JUN 20-20, 2020 Smyrna, GA Register

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Introducing REAS: Remote Ergonomics Assessment Specialist Certification

We're pleased to introduce our all new REAS: Remote Ergonomics Assessment Specialist Certification, an all-new certification track that gives you the skills you need to perform virtual office ergonomics assessments anywhere you have an internet connection! Learn more about REAS Here: https://bit.ly/2T4EaOl

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A Guide to Exercising with the Family While Sheltering in Place

<p>A Guide to Exercising with the Family While Sheltering in Place&#8211; by Anya Willis The COVID-19 pandemic has made it crucial for people to hunker down in the safety of home — at least, until a cure or vaccine can be found. However, this isn’t to say that we’re all meant to just sit around<a class="more-link" href="https://blog.thebackschool.net/wellness/a-guide-to-exercising-with-the-family-while-sheltering-in-place/">Continue reading</a></p>

Pilates Core with Functional Movements: The Perfect Marriage

<p>Pilates Core with Functional Movements with Paula Morizono, CEAS We usually think of Pilates as a mindful exercise done supine (lying on the back) on a reformer in a Pilates studio, but I think the real value of Pilates must be applied to everyday life movements. Using correct functional movement with a powerful Pilates core<a class="more-link" href="https://blog.thebackschool.net/body-mechanics/pilates-core-with-functional-movements-the-perfect-marriage/">Continue reading</a></p>

How to Convince Clients That Ergonomics is Important

<p>Why Ergonomics is Important with Judy Bronson As Millennials and Gen Z take over much of the workforce, they are constantly changing the landscape of the workplace. For instance, the new generations of professionals expect companies to have a broader and deeper understanding of healthcare. Aside from providing employees with health insurance, an article by CNBC notes<a class="more-link" href="https://blog.thebackschool.net/ergonomics/how-to-convince-clients-that-ergonomics-is-important/">Continue reading</a></p>