This customizable chair that lets you move with ease and latitude. Its 'A' shaped backrest enables full freedom of shoulder and arm movement while constantly supporting your lumbar and upper back regions. In the Executive version, a soft height adjustable pillow relieves neck pressure. An exceptionally soft cushioning for accrued comfort and a variety of intuitive adjustments all contribute to this chair'shigh performance ergonomic seating.

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***Chairs are manufactured and shipped from Quebec. Current production lead time is 10-12 weeks.***


"During my 30 years in physical therapy and ergonomics I have evaluated many chairs. Most are difficult to adjust and were very expensive for most budgets. Our objective is to bring to the ergonomic chair market a reasonably priced, easy to adjust and ergonomically correct chair. After several years of evaluation and trials, we have come up with what I believe is the best ergonomic office chair at any price. Best of all it can be customized for all sizes and shapes of clients."

Ron Porter, Director, PT, CEAS III

Standard Features on All Back School Chairs:

  • Suspension System in Seat & Back

  • Articulated Seat Pan (not available on Small Seat)

  • Grade IV Dream Comfort Fabric

  • Fore/Aft Adjustable Seat Pan

  • Ratchet Backrest

  • Seat Tilt with Forward Tilt Lock

  • Back Tilt

  • Pneumatic Height Adjustment

  • Adjustable Lumbar Support (Optional)

  • Soft rubber, urethane casters for hard wood floors (Optional)

  • Rated to 300 lbs

  • Choice of seat size and four backrests heights: low (L), high (H) and Exec (E). Built according to a patented ìsuspension" technique.

  • The seat and back are made of 5/8" diameter (16 mm) 14-gauge bent steel tubes. The seat frame includes two 3/16" thick (5 mm) steel plates welded to the tubes to which are fastened the armrests, the sleigh base and the 12 gauge (2,7mm) ribbed galvanized steel bridge required for the central base.

  • The back frame includes widthwise a 1/4" thick x 2" flat steel (6 x 50 mm) welded to the tube to which the backrest support is fastened. This steel plate is also included on the seat frames of chairs which have a fixed backrest.

  • The fixed and adjustable backrest support consists of a 1/4" x 3" (6 x 76mm) high strength (HSLA) steel blade. The fixed support is screwed to the backrest and under the seat and the adjustable support is screwed to the backrest and attached to the mechanism. Self tapping screws are used.

  • Flexible woven plastic belts are slipped onto the frames and pulled taut. The backrest, with 2"x 31/2" (51x89mm) foam comfort strips at the lumbar level, is covered with fire retardant 13/4" thick (44mm) medium-density polyurethane foam. The rear of the backrest is covered with 3/4" thick (19mm) foam. The seat surface consists of a cushion 23/4" (70mm) thick of fire retardant urethane foam

  • Fabric covers complete the upholstery and are held in place with zippers located along the bottom edge of the backrest and under the seat. An optional pillow attached to the back, made of 21/2" (64mm) memory foam is available on Exec models.