The Microdesk is a unique writing platform for use with flat desktops or keyboard trays.

Designed by an experienced physiotherapist to reduce the amount of reaching/twisting/stretching that many people are forced to do when working with papers at their computer.


"This is just AWESOME, my staff and I all have these and we have done away with the old bulky paper stands we used to hold our documents to allow for typing. This is so much better since you have everything right at your visual pleasure and need. Thank you so much for a great product!"

Roxanne Taylor, Professional


"Everyone in my office wants one. Completing spreadsheets has been so much easier with the Microdesk. Thanks for a wonderful work aide. I really don't know how I survived at work without it."

Karen Brown, Alabama Department of Revenue

  • Includes two writing lips of differing heights (3/4" and 1/4")

  • Includes a non-slip line guide for use with spreadsheets

  • Fully adjustable to suit all heights

  • Sturdy, lightweight, transparent

  • Includes alternate side attachment for use with a keyboard tray

  • Made in New Zealand from quality materials

  • Surface 560mm wide x 310mm deep (22"W x 12"D) for Standard and 430mm wide x 310mm deep  (17"W X 12"D)

  • Front height adjusts from 75mm x 95mm (3" x 3")

  • Rear height adjusts from 150mm x 190mm (6" x7")

  • Weight - 1.52 Kg (3 lbs 6 oz) in carton for Standard

  • Paper ledge supplied in two heights: 20mm (3/4") and 8mm (1/4")